Incredible Winged Car Collection

Hot Rod’s Ryan Brutt visited an incredible winged warrior collection in AL. It seems the owner took a serious interest in Daytonas and Superbirds as well as Cyclones and Talladegas during that magical period known as the NASCAR Aero Wars. And we mean serious! Find more info at Hot Rod. More pics after the jump!


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Happy Mopar Canada Day

July 1st is Canada Day, a day when Canadians celebrate the founding of their country in 1867. It is similar in many respects July 4th but earlier (due, of course, to the earlier harvest). The love of Mopars runs strong north of the 49th as well. A perfect example is a great website; Maple Leaf Mopars, the Canadian edition of Cars in Barns. There are a lot of great barn finds, many with follow-up restored pics. This 1970 Challenger is just such an example. Find more info on this particular E body here. Restored pic after the jump.


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Ramchargers 1970 Dodge Challenger in Hemmings

Said to be raced by the Ramchargers as their only Pro Stock car, this 1970 Challenger is well-worn but it would be incredibly historically significant if the sellers statements are indeed true. There is no powertrain but, even if there were, it would be highly unlikely to be the same engine that the Ramchargers worked on as the car went thru several iterations as it passed through various racers. The $150,000 asking price requires better pics though. Find the Hemmings ad here.