1964 Plymouth Savoy Max Wedge Drag Car

This thing popped up at Barrett-Jackson back in 2006. What a beast! The price was set at $55,000 but it is unclear whether it sold. More pics plus details from the listing with some specs after the jump!


1964-Plymouth-Savoy-Max-Wedge-Drag-Car-2 1964-Plymouth-Savoy-Max-Wedge-Drag-Car-3 1964-Plymouth-Savoy-Max-Wedge-Drag-Car-4 1964-Plymouth-Savoy-Max-Wedge-Drag-Car-5

Titled original 426 Max Wedge Race Car. Only one known to have chrome down sides as exist. Full tube chassis. Original Dana 60 rear end. 4 link rear suspension, Koni shocks on all 4 corners. Complete MSD 7AL3 ignition. Double frame rail chassis 4 wheel disc brakes. Weid Alma Star wheels, Good Year 16×33 tires. Coan 2 speed electronically shifted glide 557 ci KB, B-1 Wedge, KB 5/8 crank, Venolia pistons & rods, titanium values, Barry Grant dominators, custom sheet metal intake. Weaver Day sump oil system (all the best). Too much too list.

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  1. If anyone knows the owner of this would love to get in contact with him to see if car is still for sale. Thanks Steve

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