1968 Plymouth Road Runner on Craigslist

Barn Finds located this 1968 Road Runner on Craigslist. The seller does not provide much detail on this originally 383 powered four speed car other than having a clear title. There appears to be an engine in there (in both the engine compartment and interior). The asking price is $3000. Is it worth it? Find the Craigslist ad here. More pics after the jump!



4 thoughts on “1968 Plymouth Road Runner on Craigslist

  1. There’s not enough there to justify $3000. If it was a Hemi or a 440 car, maybe, but not a 383. There are just too many of those around.

  2. Drop a 440 or Hemi in it, and it becomes a 440 or Hemi bird. It’s not like “numbers matching” is gonna mean anything for this rolling garden. Take $1700 off for the grass growing on the console and you’ve got a deal.

  3. clearly some people are idiots. you can not toss a 440 into it and it will become a 440 bird… never was one. and yea ill go get a $15k motor add about 40k for restoration to have a car worth maybe 35… sounds great/.. NOT… price is right for someone who can restore themselves. and if the color is actually the Q5 turquoise, then its rare enough to demand a top runner price.

  4. Never a fan of Barn Finds, that is such a stupid term anyways….Its just a way of getting more for a car..

    You could drop a 383/440/Hemi in there and slap some clear coat on it and sell it for $80,000 as they do on t.v shows lol…

    Seriously,$3000 is fine,you can go there and offer $2000 and work something out…

    Its worth saving as any MOPAR is … if you don’t do it yourself if will be costly,but hey..

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