1968 Plymouth Road Runner on eBay

I’ve featured a few high dollar trailer queens on here. Well, how about a driver that some of us might actually be able to afford? It’s hard to find a decent Road Runner under $20,000 these days but this might just be a good example. Sure it has the wrong seats, a silly butt stripe and goofy wheels. But being from Colorado it’s probably fairly rust free, and I’d love to have it. The no reserve eBay auction ends tomorrow! Lots more pics after the jump!

Update: looks like it sold for $17,101, bid up from about $15,000 early this morning.


1968-Road-Runner-engine 1968-Road-Runner-fendertag 1968-Road-Runner-front 1968-Road-Runner-rear 1968-road-runner-rear3:4 1968-Road-Runner-vin

1968 Road Runner interior

2 thoughts on “1968 Plymouth Road Runner on eBay

  1. It does seem like a great deal. It doesn’t seem to require anything serious. I’d love to run a magnet along the sheet metal though.

    • Yeah, definitely wouldn’t want to bid unless you or someone you really trusted went over the car.

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