1970 AAR Cuda Gets a Second Life

Mopar Max Magazine has a feature on this 1970 Plymouth AAR Cuda that traded hands three times by 1973. The fourth and current owner purchased it in 2013 when it didn’t quite look like it does now. More pics after the jump!

1970-Plymouth-AAR-Cuda-above-21970-Plymouth-AAR-Cuda-side1970-Plymouth-AAR-Cuda-undercarriage1970-Plymouth-AAR-Cuda-340 1970-Plymouth-AAR-Cuda-fender 1970-Plymouth-AAR-Cuda-hood 1970-Plymouth-AAR-Cuda-interior 1970-Plymouth-AAR-Cuda-taillight

1970-Plymouth-AAR-Cuda-above 1970-Plymouth-AAR-Cuda-3qtr-rear