1970 Challenger 340 Convertible Barn Find

This green 4-speed 340 Challenger convertible has been sitting in a shack near San Francisco since 1978! Just 70,000 miles–it was parked when the clutch started to slip– and same owner since 1989! Right now the owner is trying to figure out what it’s worth, and whether to sell. I bet there’d be a lot of interest in this one if it did come up for sale… Tons of pics after the jump! Via Moparts


1970-Challenger-340-Convertible-barn-find-12 1970-Challenger-340-Convertible-barn-find 1970-Challenger-340-Convertible-barn-find 1970-Challenger-340-Convertible-barn-find 1970-Challenger-340-Convertible-barn-find-11 1970-Challenger-340-Convertible-barn-find-10 1970-Challenger-340-Convertible-barn-find-9 1970-Challenger-340-Convertible-barn-find-4 1970-Challenger-340-Convertible-barn-find--7 1970-Challenger-340-Convertible-barn-find--8 1970-Challenger-340-Convertible-barn-find-2 1970-Challenger-340-Convertible-barn-find-3 1970-Challenger-340-Convertible-barn-find--6 1970-Challenger-340-Convertible-barn-find--5

1970-Challenger-340-Convertible-barn-find 1970-Challenger-340-Convertible-barn-find-16

7 thoughts on “1970 Challenger 340 Convertible Barn Find

  1. I Would like to be on your list of interested person in purchasing your beautiful dream car , I was once the owner of a 1970 Challenger SE .
    I loaned the car to a friend , it got towed from where it was parked and was never found. Good luck in whatever you decide. Thank you. 954-913-0126

    • i am interrested in your barn yard car we restore mopars working on a 71 now.i would like to no if they decide to sale it or not thanks

  2. Interested in theses cars for a while, would like know for how much. & I live in the Bay Area, is not far from me.

  3. Email me if this car is for sale. I’ve been looking for a 70′ challenger conv project car. Thanks.

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