1970 Dodge Charger: a Boy’s First Car

When your father hosts a Youtube show called Hot Rod Hunt, you know good things will follow. Rick Moore purchased a barn find 1970 Charger R/T and gave it to his 13 year old son, Ricky, who’s favorite car is the 68-70 Charger. As it was a drag car, the 440 and 727 have very few miles and the car has only limited modifications. Ward Cleaver could learn a few things from this guy! Find the story at Street Legal TV. Video after the jump!


2 thoughts on “1970 Dodge Charger: a Boy’s First Car

  1. I have always loved mopars since i can remember, my father retired from chrysler’s ( there the only kind he owned)
    just like his father, and i still have cousin’s who work for chrysler’s. I have always been looking for one that i can afford…you are one lucky young man to have a father who would do that for you!!! Chargers are the first name that comes to mind when asking my son what his favorite car is! And for me’ I’m still looking”!!!

  2. This was my first car ad I still love the thing and never plan on selling it! But my dad and I had been looking at this car for about 6 years and I was actually the one to buy the car! My dad had purchased it but I had made paments until it was all mine. 🙂

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