1970 Hemi Cuda. Muscle Car of the Week

It’s a great week for 1970 Hemi Cuda fans! This one is part of the Brother’s collection and is the latest featured car on Muscle Car of the Week. Unfortunately, thanks to Mopar Action’s Rick Ehrenberg, I can’t seem to see past the missing behind-the-grille blackout treatment! Video after the jump!


One thought on “1970 Hemi Cuda. Muscle Car of the Week

  1. He said the Chrysler HEMI design was around since the mid 1950’s..

    Actually the HEMI came out in 1950..not the mid 50’s a.k.a 1955 !

    The side 1/4 window he said broke the design up..

    Well you can roll the 1/4 window down,thats because its a hardtop..It sounded like you couldn’t roll the 1/4 window down..

    I know they made a Deputy model that the rear 1/4 windows were fixed but that is ultra rare and they only came with a rubber floor ,no carpet..

    Another thing,the new Mini says it has a Hardtop…REALLY !!! When you roll down the windows there is no post ? Huh…The ne wChallenger is not a Hardtop,its a coupe..and people who call a old Charger or cuda a coupe are wrong its a 2 door hardtop !!

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