1970 Plymouth Cuda Restomod Going to Auction

Going to the Mecum auction in Dallas later this month is this Lemon Twist Cuda. No 3rd gen Hemi for this restomod though. It’s powered by a 650 hp 528 Hemi sucking the air/fuel mixture¬†through dual 4-barrels and sending power to a Dana 60. The suspension is upgraded to an Alterkation front end combined with an air suspension system. Now, about that stance. Find more info at Mecum Auctions. More pics after the jump!



One thought on “1970 Plymouth Cuda Restomod Going to Auction

  1. Hate knocking a Mopar,but it looks like it sits too high…side mirrors are missing..Should have Rallye wheels or Magnum 500’s,front a little lower than the back,not much not jacked in the back,just a little lower…Basically,I like stock looking cars and the motors always had loads of power and easily can be built up for more..as in this ‘Cuda …

    I do love it,just wheels/tires height ..

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