1970 Plymouth Sport Fury GT

Curbside Classic spied this weathered 1970 Sport Fury GT in a CA flea market parking lot. Just your average daily driver but with style. More pics after the jump.



One thought on “1970 Plymouth Sport Fury GT

  1. 1970 was by far my favorite design year for nearly all Mopars. It is also a time when anyone with any sense of market dynamics could have foreseen the problems that would soon bankrupt the company. Case in point, how many different models of 4-doors, 2-doors, luxury, near luxury, luxury sport, sport, value line sport, sport compact, economical compact, compact/compact, fleet, fleet service, fleet military, Saturn rockets and boats in a increasingly tightening competitive market? Talk about spreading too many bets across the table!

    Imagine Chrysler in 1970 like this (Dodge trucks left out):
    Imperial (Luxury) – Limousine, 4 door and 2 door, no options because it only comes loaded
    Chrysler (near luxury) – Station wagon, 4 door New Yorker, 2 door LeBaron
    Dodge (mid-market) – Station wagon, 4 door (Monaco, Dart), 2 door (Charger, Challenger, Dart)
    Plymouth (entry level/performance) – Roadrunner, Cuda, Duster with 2 or 4 doors

    Not saying this would have saved the company but it probably would have kept them more competitive longer!

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