1993 Dodge Ram Pickup with 70 Miles on eBay

Bangshift found this mint Dodge pickup on eBay that’s reported to have only 70 miles on it. Such crazy low mileage vehicles are generally priced very optimistically but the owner of this truck is asking….ready for it…$33,000! He does have a defense for the apparent high price though. “Auto manufactures must make new vehicles each year to keep higher prices. The have to keep depreciating older vehicles. For this reason the gap widens each years. The “Blue Book” was invented by auto manufactures as a convenience for them to create this “FARCE”. How did we miss that?Need another reason? “Try special ordering a 2015 model with wing windows, – NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!”.  Where’s my check book? Follow the eBay auction here. More pics after the jump.






One thought on “1993 Dodge Ram Pickup with 70 Miles on eBay

  1. This guy in out of touch !!!

    I could maybe see $15000 if the truck was mint..but it needs paint as it was left outside for decades…Probably rust/white chalky stuff from damp Oregon weather..

    The reason it didn’t sell when new,its a long box 150 with a standard shift,and a 2wd..being a short box ,automatic,4×4 would have been sold when new…Look at new trucks 99% are automatics…

    I like standard transmissions but,most don’t….

    As for the 1994 newer trucks being generd neutral,is this guy nuts ? The Dodge Ram trucks 94-current are designed after a big rig…

    To each his own..oh well…

    Its a $5000 truck at best,unless it was mint in/out it isn’t 70 miles but my uncles with 300,000 miles looks and runs better !! 1991 Short box,clubcab,4×4 360 Magnum crate engine 450 hp 540 torque !! efi,overdrive,4.56 gears looks and drives new,or better than new..He bought it new and just did the engine after 280,000 miles of problem free driving..he said new trucks are getting faster and more powerful,so this should be ahead of them for a few years..

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