Top Gear Reviews the 1968 Dodge Charger 440 R/T

Am I the only one who finds Top Gear annoying? Seems like everyone thinks this show is brilliant, but I find it painful to watch. This episode with Richard Hammond reviewing a 1968 Dodge Charger 440 R/T is especially painful. Maybe they should stick to European cars. The BBC only makes a small clip available, but there is a full episode in Russian on YouTube (least until the BBC makes YouTube pull it down). But you can watch the official BBC clip after the jump!


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4-Speed 1970 Plymouth Road Runner Convertible on eBay

It’s getting harder and harder to find cars like this that have not been fully restored. And you usually don’t see them doing huge smokey burnouts in eBay ads! This original California 4-speed 1970 Plymouth Road Runner has been sitting in storage since 1990. It’s rough, needs a trunk floor and quarter patches, but damn it’s cool! More pics plus the eBay auction text after the jump. Seller wants $38,000 for it. Worth it? Oh, and the questions and answers at the bottom are hilarious.


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Reader’s Rides: Doug and Glenda Young’s 2010 Plum Crazy Challenger SRT8

I just got this cool pic of these two late model Challengers nose to nose. Here’s the word from Glenda:

We live in a small town in NE.  Our neighbor, Greg Wade purchased the black RT about 3 months ago.  We have owned the PCP challenger since 2010, bought it new off the showroom. It is a SRT8  6 speed w/hurst shifter, tinted windows, cold air intake and a few other extras.  Just thought I would share this.  Doug and Glenda Young own the PCP.  Love this car.

One more pic of Doug and Glenda’s PCP Challenger after the jump!

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SRT Viper Presentation in San Carlos, California

Yesterday I drove out to a cool SRT Viper event in San Carlos with my buddy Mike Musto in his 1969 Dodge Charger Daytona. I’ll try to post some video next week (I hope, if I can edit it into something half decent) but for now I thought you’d like to see the pics.

The event was sponsored by the Western Automotive Journalists and featured author Maurice Liang along with President and CEO of SRT Ralph Gilles. Maurice Liang is the founder of the Viper Club of America and just published SRT Viper: America’s Supercar Returns. Maurice talked about writing the book and everything that went into designing and building the third generation Viper. Then it was Ralph’s turn, and he talked about how important the Viper is to Chrysler, and how much Viper owners and Mopar enthusiasts mean to the company (and in attendance was D’Anne Rauh, who owns over 60 Vipers).

When the Q and A portion came around, I asked Ralph about the new RWD Alfa platform and what that might mean for Dodge. No comment from Ralph on that one…

The event was held at Sparky’s Hot Rod Garage, which was filled with a lot of 50s and 60s nostalgia. There was good food and cold beer. And when we were done we went back outside to check out the cars some more. Thanks to SRT and WAJ for putting on this cool event. TONS more pics after the jump!


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Triple Black

Most people agree that triple black = black paint, black interior and black vinyl top (or black convertible top). Makes for one mean combo, especially on a Mopar. There was a great thread on this option combo on Moparts recently, with pics of some very cool Mopars like this triple black 1968 Dodge Cornonet R/T. More examples after the jump, including triple black ‘Cudas and Challengers!


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Reader’s Rides: Jim Barrett’s 1968 Dodge Charger R/T

Check out this cool 1868 Dodge Charger R/T from Lancaster, Massachusetts. Jim has owned this purple B-body for 15 years. It’s powered by a 440 stroked to a 496 with oversized heads, mild rise intake, disc brakes, an X pipe and a tranny cooler. More pics after the jump!

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Retrofitting Shoulder Belts

It’s always a good idea to try to make our old Mopars a little safer. There are lots of options for just about any era or style of car. Allpar ran a good article on adding shoulder belts to the back seats of a 1984 Dodge Daytona Turbo Z. I’ve had good luck with this kit from Julianos on a B-body hardtop. Or you can go whole hog and add seats with integrated belts like this guy at forabodiesonly, who used front seats from a Cadillac CTS in his Dodge Dart.


Crazy Swedish 1946 Plymouth Deluxe Lowrider

We haven’t covered a whole lot of cars from the 1940s here, but this Swedish 1946 Plymouth Deluxe lowrider caught my eye. This thing was actually chopped in the ’60s, so the bodywork and paint work are forty years old. Emanuel Sandén has owned it for over ten years and has done a fair share of mods to it, including the 13-inch gold plated Daytons. (And it turns out this is the same guy who helped build the crazy Hemi-powered Volvo gasser we featured a while back.) So I guess Swedes dig Mopars, too. Check out the full feature at Speedhunters