2009 US Air Force “Vapor” Challenger

Up for auction, this 2009 Challenger, built by Galpin Auto Sports in partnership with the United States Air Force, was used as a recruiting tool by showcasing the technological advances employed by the U.S. Air Force. A thermal imaging camera, radar absorbing stealth black paint, a “silent mode” exhaust note, and the ability to be remotely controlled to name but a few features. Michael Knight, eat your heart out. See the features at Mercum Auctions. More pics after the jump!


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A Visit to the Walter P Chrysler Museum

After the Walter P Chrysler Museum in Auburn Hills closed its doors to the public at the end of 2012 (waning attendance meant that the museum could no longer cover its own costs), the Chrysler Foundation stepped in as curator to ensure that the historic items housed inside were safe. The plan is to use it for Chrysler functions and facility rentals for private events. (Mopar Blog anniversary party anybody? Not sayin’, just sayin’). Hot Rod magazine recently paid a visit to the museum. See the story at Hot Rod. Lots of pics after the jump!


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Speed Sport Life Road Tests the Challenger R/T Plus

While the Challenger SRT garners all the praise from the press, the R/T is no slouch either. The reviewer does not fall into the usual retro muscle car comparison. “To pencil the Challenger into the same space as the Camaro and Mustang is to somewhat miss the point. Though it occupies similar market territory, the Dodge has always been more about combining the visceral sounds and sights of the muscle car era with roominess and comfort not offered by its competitors.” Agreed! See the entire review at Speed Sport Life. More pcs after the jump!


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1976 Aspen R/T and Volare Road Runner

The early 70s oil crisis in the US changed the muscle car world almost overnight. Hemis were long gone and big blocks were on life support. While the 360-powered Aspen R/T and Volare Road Runner were rated at only 170 hp, they were still competitive with the Camaro, Corvette and Trans Ams of the day. Are there many F-body fans out there? See the story at Hooniverse. More pics after the jump!

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Win a 1969 Road Runner

Early Rides is raffling off a sweet 1969 Road Runner. It features a 440 6 bbl, 727, Dana 60, four wheel disc brakes and an A12 style lift off hood. Tickets are only $20.00 each with proceeds raised helping to support three charities; Wounded Warrior Homes, Veterans First Orange County and 1st Battalion, 1st Marines Foundation. Find more pictures and how to purchase tickets at Early Rides.


Roadkill Builds a Mad Max Style 1968 Charger

You were expecting a concours restoration, maybe? The latest episode of Hot Rod’s Roadkill finds Freiburger and Finnegan building a Charger from a rolling shell, a motorhome 440 and their Fury’s 727. It took six months–not their usual six days–and in their opinion, it’s the best episode of Roadkill ever. It looks mean and sounds meaner. Video after the jump!


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