2014 Dodge Challenger SRT Review

Autoevolution reviews the 2014 Challenger SRT. They like what they see. More pics and excerpts from their review after the jump!



“Just look at it! This has to be the most American-looking car you can find in a showroom today. Its sheer appearance serves as one of the sweetest pieces of US history lessons ever. Whereas the Mustang has allowed itself to be influenced by Europeans, the Challenger looks just right for the American dream.”






“There aren’t many things in this world that feel as raw as putting the pedal to the metal in a Challenger SRT8. It’s still comfortable, there’s no explosion of power, but the sheer force of it makes the feeling become addictive. Up from 2,500 rpm you can ask anything you like from the beefy V8. Still, once you go past 4,000 rpm it all feels like you’ve added a miniature nitrous shot.”




One thought on “2014 Dodge Challenger SRT Review

  1. I purchased a 2014 Dodge Challenger Shaker edition with cold air intake, hemi , 6 speed standard transmission , 20 ” Eagle F 1 radials and dual exhaust. Having grown up during the 50’s and 60′ I do know a little about the “Muscle Car ” era. I love to drive my car, the steering is quick and responsive, braking is good, the throaty sound from the exhaust , no road noise and all the power I should ever need for when I drive it. I am taking it on a “Road Trip ” to Rhodes Island in June and can not wait to see how it handles hills and curvy roads.

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