1968 Dodge Charger General Lee on eBay

It’s the wrong year, has bondo, a 360 and Vectors with too many spokes but hey, it’s orange with the 01 and confederate flag–“close enough” as the seller says–and it’s no reserve so it will sell! Currently north of $15,000–how high will it go? Check out the full auction with more pics and details on eBay!

Update: looks like the auction got shut down early–after more than 40 bids? Wonder what gives?


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Alfa Romeo RWD Platform for FCA?

Boy, FCA is gonna take some getting used to… Anyway, Alfa Romeo, also a part of Fiat, is close to rolling out a new rear wheel drive platform that will find its way under Chrysler and Dodge vehicles and is said to be competitive with sedans from BMW and Mercedes. There’s also talk that this new platform may be the basis for the new….wait for it…. SRT Barracuda (that rumor won’t see to die). The LX platform that Chrysler developed with Daimler sure worked out well. Here’s hoping. More info at CarBuzz.


New Name, New Logo

The new name of the combined Fiat/Chrysler entity is… drum roll… Fiat Chrysler Automobiles! And here’s the logo. Oh, and the company will now be based in… the Netherlands? Read the full press release at Chrysler


The Corvette is Not Our Competition Says Ralph Gilles

SRT CEO Ralph Gilles talked to the folks at Automotive News at the recent Detroit Auto Show and explained why the Viper and the Corvette do not run in similar circles:

We’ve never tried to be Corvette. We never will be. We’re handmade. It takes 18 hours to paint the stripe on a Viper. We color sand the entire car, inside and outside. All the panels are beautifully finished. We’re trying to build a custom show car that you can own. This is not a disposable device here. … Whoever buys a Viper is someone special. They’re not normal. It’s someone who really wants to rock and roll and feel alive and not have a filtered experience. It’s a car we designed for pleasure.

Read the full interview at Automotive News.


1967 Dodge Coronet R/T Rotting in the Woods of Ohio

This 1967 Dodge Coronet R/T was parked in the woods in Ohio in 1974 and hasn’t moved since! GuruRanger posted the full story on Moparts:

About 15 years ago, I got information on a ’67 R/T that had been parked behind a barn since around 1974. I followed up and found the car, but the woman who lived in the farmhouse said it was her brother’s car, he lived in Florida, and she wouldn’t give me any information on how to contact him. Instead, she wanted to be the middleman and gave me the runaround. This week, I was in the area and noticed that the house had been torn down and no one had been on the property in quite a while. I checked the woods behind the barn and the R/T was still there! Complete, it’s a 1967 Coronet R/T, dark green with a black vinyl top and white bucket seat inteior with console automatic. The engine is still there, air cleaner to oil pan and it still has it’s Certicard. The car even has its grille centerpiece and factory mag-style hubcaps. I wonder who owns the property now.

Think it will ever get saved? More pics after the jump!


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