Charles Kee Collection in Brothers, Oregon

Did you want to go to the Lambrecht collection auction but live in the Northwest? Did you want to go but are only a Mopar fan? Well, here is your chance. The Charles Kee collection is going up for auction on May 8th and 9th in Brothers, Oregon. Where is Brothers, you ask? It’s in the middle of nowhere in Eastern Oregon, about an hour east of Bend, Oregon. It was a five hour drive for us from Olympia, Washington. Charles Kee was collecting cars to try to start a museum but unfortunately passed away before seeing his dreams come true.

This is an amazing collection of cars and parts but unfortunately a few years ago some Europeans came in and bought a bunch of the better cars from the collection. Most of what are left are C-bodies and 4-door Chryslers with a few scattered B- and A-bodies.  Still some good projects in the bunch, however.

We got the opportunity to see the collection and have the scoop on the cars and parts that are going up for auction. Here are some general pictures and we are going to have more details on a few of the best cars. The auction is being run by James G. Murphy–here is a link to the preliminary catalog. Anyone want more info on any cars in particular?


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SRT Anodized Carbon Special Edition Viper TA

Making it’s debut at the New York Auto Show is the SRT Anodized Carbon Special Edition Viper TA. If you are avoiding buying one of the planned 50 Anodized Carbon Special Edition Vipers because that’s just too commonplace, how about the Anodized Carbon Special Edition Viper TA? With a planned production of only 10 Time Attack Group equipped Vipers, you will probably be the only one in your office to own one. Find more info at Autoblog. More pics after the jump!


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2015 Challenger and Charger Revealed

Motor Authority is among the first to reveal pictures of the new-for-2015 Challenger and Charger. Both cars get reworked noses and tails with the Challenger getting a much needed interior makeover. The 8 speed transmission now fits under it’s hump. I’ll reserve judgement on the Chargers front end until I see one in person.  No pics of the SRT’s or the Hellcat just yet. More pics after the jump!

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