768 HP 1968 Plymouth Valiant on eBay

StreetLegal TV found this 1968 Valiant on eBay. The Arizona body is in great shape and the owner has invested in upgrading the brakes, suspension, transmission and added a roll cage. He’s added new wheels and tires all around and, oh yeah, has a 358 cubic inch R5P7 Dodge Nascar engine waiting to be dropped in! Sourced from Ernie Elliot’s engine shop, it produces over 750 horsepower! Check out the auction on eBay. More pics after the jump!


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Mike Musto Drives the Hellcat

Here’s the Hellcat video featuring Mike Musto that we helped produce for AutoNation. I think it came out pretty good, despite flight delays and a whole lot of rain. Thanks to Mike Volz and Stephen Cook for bringing out their old B-bodies, and to Ryan Douthit for doing a great job hanging out the back of the minivan at speed in the rain! Watch the video, then check out the pics after the jump!

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