Four Brand New Shelby Dodges for Sale

Allpar alerted us to four Dodge Shelbys for sale on eBay. Why the big deal? They are all unused! Stored from day one and never registered, they include an ’87 Shelby Lancer, an ’89 Shelby Dakota and two Shelby CSXs, an ’87 and an ’89. Do that with the proper cars and it could be a great investment. Not sure about this lot getting $120,000.00 though. Not helping matters are skimpy photos and a CSX is missing. Follow the eBay bidding here. More pics after the jump!


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1968 Hemi Road Runner Survivor

“All go, no show” is a fitting description for this plain jane Road Runner coupe (unless you rightly consider Hemi badging as a “show” item). A two-owner car, it has been with owner number two since 1975 and is still mostly a survivor car. This one is a driver. Find more info on this rare bird at Mopar Max Magazine. More pics after the jump!


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1970 Barracuda Under Valued by Bow Tie Bubba Salesman

Old Mopars, being the rarest of the Big Three (not to mention the best engineered), generally command a premium price, unless a unsuspecting Chevy salesman doesn’t do his homework first. Read how a clean E-body was a steal of a deal and slowly became the beauty you see here. Head over to Hot Rod for the full story. More pics after the jump!


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