1971 Dodge Challenger Barn Find on eBay

Barn Finds located this dusty 1970 Challenger for sale on eBay. It’s a 383 4-speed car that is a runner. Starting bid is an optimistic $25,000. The chrome strip surrounding the front end is said to be a rare option, code M28 (which is decoded as Front Bumper Periphery). Anybody familiar with this “option”? Follow the bidding here on eBay. More pics after the jump!


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What Road Runners Are Made Of

Here’s an illustration that Hot Rod Magazine used in their review of a 1968 Plymouth Road Runner in their November 1967 issue. Back then Editor Eric Dahlquist wrote:

“And that, pal, is what Road Runners are made of. It’s a supercar in every sense of the term but one—price. That’s why you’re going to love it. The accessories, a very few, like the Hemi, are there, but the basic package will blow the doors off almost anything in the asphalt jungle, and some of those cats cost a grand more. You can do a lot with that extra thousand dollars.”

Pretty cool, huh? Via Hot Rod