2015 Aero Warrior’s Reunion

The 2015 Aero Warrior Reunion kicked off on October 22nd with a cruise around Atlanta Motor Speedway. Find more info at Hot Rod and a schedule of events at Wellborn Muscle Car Museum.



2 thoughts on “2015 Aero Warrior’s Reunion

  1. Great event. Had an incredible time, made lots of good memorie,can’t wait for the next one! Well organized lots of beautiful cars and a great bunch of folks.

  2. I brought the #06 Daytona andwe had such a fantastic time on track. The GPS said we only did 115 mph. Short bursts. 2nd gear for me. Great pictures by Hot Rod. Possibly in a future issue in the magazine. The #72 Talladega lost a tie down hook and I hit it on the back straight. No one found it I understand. I have not seen any damage under my car yet. Open letter to Chris Street for a huge thank you for letting history once again grace the speedway. In 1970 on Easter Sunday, which was a rain delayed one week later race, the #22 Mario Rossi Daytona won, driven by Bobby Allison. Wish the 22 and the #6 Daytonas were there also. If this happens in 4 years for the 50th anniversary of the Daytona and the first race at Tallaega, I will be there for all the events. Tim Welborn told me, see ya in 4 years. You bet

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