712 Horse 1968 Plymouth GTX Hemi

Larry Dewees’ bucket list includes a 4-speed Hemi car. We don’t know the man but we think we could get along quite nicely. Read about how he got the GTX here at Mopar Max Magazine. More pics and video interview after the jump!




2 thoughts on “712 Horse 1968 Plymouth GTX Hemi

    • NO !!! Looks like a RAM Laramie style pattern….

      I am a purist and like the original style seats…But engines I always do up…12 second stock 1/4 miles or high 11’s with a stock HEMI ruled for decades until 2010 when it just blew up for new performance cars,so 9-10 second HEMI daily drivers or 440’s that run 10’s are now what my gang rolls in…and they look stock in/out even engine looks bone stock..Not like the 1990’s when guys lowered compression to run on regular unleaded gas,thus losing power and people thought that’s how they ran..No they don’t run 14-16’s…that’s because you lowered the power/performance of your 440/HEMI/383/340 etc….

      Anywho seats are not stock…well seat is but pattern isn’t lol,even the door panesl have a clor change…

      Looks good,but it will look outdated in 3 years…that’s why stock is best..look at the 1990 style pink wave stripes down the side of cars and pink,pale blue pinstripes on the seats and headrests,that looks idiotic today..like your going to a rainbow depends diaper parade !!

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