A Nesting Couple

A 1969 Formula S Barracuda and a 1966 Coronet convertible appear to have been side by side for quite some time. Seems like a shame to break them up. No chance of that happening in the immediate future–they’re not for sale. As found on Cars in Barns. One more pic after the jump!



2 thoughts on “A Nesting Couple

  1. Hey Darren I see that this was posted in July of 2014 and that the cars were not for sale then, do you know if ether are for sale now I’m looking for a 69 Barracuda Formula s FB, thanks for your time

  2. Hi Guido. Sorry, we know nothing about the car’s current status. Per the article, they were last in a trucking company’s building in Alberta, Canada. Road trip, eh? Let us know if you have any luck.

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