Badly Burned 1968 Hemi Dodge Charger R/T For Sale

Now, here’s a sad story. Guy gets a very original triple black Hemi ’68 Charger and then it goes up in flames in a garage fire. It’s currently listed for sale for $38,000 on the classifieds. You can see pics of the car before the fire over at Hopefully it will be fixed up soon. Ad text after the jump!


68hemi charger r/t orig.15,346 miles 
Asking Price: $38,000.00
For Sale: this is a all original 426 hemi car that has a 1969 426 hemi with less than 250miles since rebuild!!! this car was never touched by a body man it had no rust anywhere!!!! factory 4 speed dana60 4:10 gears it was an awsome car im the 2nd owner since new! it had the orig.see thru plastic covers on the seats! came factory with power windows,extra stereo package an triple black car!! unfortunately my garage burnt down with the car in it it needs total resto. but the drive line is all still good motor an tranny an axle are ok! interior is bad an front fenders an hood will need replaced! looks alot worse than it is! so im not gonna give it away it means alot to me but my loss is your gain!!! fixed this is a $200,000. car easily! so dont waste my time i would trade for newer dodge challenger r/t! call or text 

10 thoughts on “Badly Burned 1968 Hemi Dodge Charger R/T For Sale

  1. That is sad to see. A Hemi 4-speed to boot! It wouldn’t see a restored price anywhere near $200,000 for quite a while though.

  2. Had a 68 same principle except blown. Had to deploy, returned with car and team mate gone for good. Don’t have much money but do have friends and facility to donate the car to him. sounds weak but that’s what it is. Any interest in helping us with this car please let us know.

  3. Your asking way to much for that charger for 30k you can buy a restored R/T charger

  4. The bigger issue here is did the insurance company that paid the loss claim on this car also designate the cars title as SALVAGE ? most do when they consider the car a total loss

  5. I would only pay, $2,000 for it. Yeah its a he I but keep in mind, its a marshmallow now, burnt to a crisp, it would cost more than 30k to restore.

  6. It’s his car and he can place whatever value on it he wants. If you’re interested in the car just make him an offer and stop all the negative talk. I get so damn sick of all the unemployed experts who are not interested in buying anything but just surfing the web giving their piss ant opinions.

  7. The car sure is damaged, but it can be restored.
    With some work , and patience , it will be an awesome classic muscle car.

  8. Does anyone have contact information on the owner of this crispy Charger. I would like to get in touch with him.

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