Barn Find 1972 Challenger

Barns Finds spiedĀ it’sĀ namesake on Craigslist. Details are few and quality photos are fewer. $4500 and she’s yours. More pics after the jump.


1972-Dodge-Challenger-side 1972-Dodge-Challenger-rear 1972-Dodge-Challenger-side-2


One thought on “Barn Find 1972 Challenger

  1. What is the fascination about Barn Finds ?

    It is just a way of getting more money for junk..same with ‘Patina”WTF !!! Years ago those were called junkers….

    Now,be excited about what I look for and find…”Garage Finds” these are mint cars put away in a covered/non leaking/no rodent infested barn or field or back yard !!!

    I found several nice Mopar’s that are mint or excellent original condition,never abused cars that were always loved but the owner got sick/passed away/had no money when the engine blew etc….This is what people should be excited about…

    Sure,finding a old MOPAR is always exciting,but this barn find thing is old as is patina ! I found my shar eof barn finds and never too fond of the dead rodents,spiders etc that are left in the car…or the dirt/garbage whatever dolts leave in a abused car with 500,000 miles !!!

    Yes 500,000 miles very,very few have under 100,000 miles..
    5 digit odometer and by 1979 a 1969 car had over 140,000 miles on average !! And most 23,000 mile cars are 223,000 miles as thye can look almost new because Mopar’s interiors held up and depending where you lived the body did too…

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