Bo Osinski Improves on the Dodge Challenger

Model Bo Osinski recently did a photo shoot to promote 138 Water and utilized a white Dodge Challenger. See the story at Autoevolution and check out more pics after the jump!


bo-osinski-dodge-challenger-3 bo-osinski-dodge-challenger-4 bo-osinski-dodge-challenger-5 bo-osinski-dodge-challenger-6 bo-osinski-dodge-challenger-7  bo-osinski-dodge-challenger-10 bo-osinski-dodge-challenger-11

2 thoughts on “Bo Osinski Improves on the Dodge Challenger

    • There was a car in the pictures? All I remember is butt cleavage. JK, The Challenger is still beautiful no matter which model. (BTW, I own a 2011 KB blown SRT8 IE)

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