Brazilian Mopars

Curbside Classic has a great piece on the Dodges of Brazil. In 1969, the Dart that we know and love debuted in Brazil and became a hit. So much so that they decided to use styling cues from the second generation North American Charger to create a 1971 A-body Charger. Read the entire article here.



One thought on “Brazilian Mopars

  1. Lots of people are uaawnre but you can hypermile these 6.4L V8 s in 4 cylinder mode and get 25 MPG. Find me another 500 HP 12 second car with all the utility of this Charger that does that, you won’t. All you’ll find is some German AMG or M5 that costs $120,000 that gets 10 MPG. Useless.

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