Vintage Mopar NASCAR Photo of the Week: Richard Petty’s 67 Plymouth Belvedere at Bristol Speedway

We have another great vintage Richard Petty photo this week. The picture is from the 1967 Bristol race, most likely the spring one. The car is up on jack stands and even in the B&W picture you can tell it has chrome rims. The car is also pretty naked of stickers so you can tell this is from practice a day or two before the actual race.


Jesse James’ 1969 Plymouth Road Runner on eBay

Not sure when Sandra Bullock’s ex-husband/West Coast Choppers guy Jesse James got this Road Runner or whether he ever did anything with it, but it is kind of cool, in a junky, funky retro drag-car kinda way. Claimed to have once been a “ten second car,” though “stoner’s dream car” seems like a more accurate description. Wonder what it will go for? eBay ad text plus tons of pics after the jump!


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1968 Sox and Martin Barracuda for Sale

An actual 1968 Plymouth Barracuda once owned by Sox and Martin is for sale! It was the last car actually raced by Sox with documentation to prove it. It is 1 of only 50 factory-made drag cars meant for the elite teams. These cars do not become available very often. This is a true piece of Mopar history. Albeit, one at a quarter of a million dollars. See the listing at RPM Motor Cars with more info on the car atStreet Legal TV. And be sure to check out more pictures after the jump!

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1960 Dodge D100 on eBay

A recent addition to Bring A Trailer, this restored D100 looks to be a very nice driver. The owner added several upgrades in the way of power steering and brakes but it still maintains “that look.” Still powered by the original 318 and 4 speed. It has a Rhino-lined bed with a few dents. Well, it is a truck after all. See the posting here. I want a full size mural of the picture in front of the pumps on my garage wall! More pictures after the jump.


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1968 Dart as Spec’d Out by an Engineer

What happens when an engineer with a demand for detail acquires a heavily modified ’68 Dart powered by a 6.1 Hemi and sporting a Keisler transmission, B&M shifter, RMS suspension and a Strange Dana S60? Tear it down and build it again of course! The car went through a major second rebuild with virtually all new sheet metal, suspension, interior and an Indy Cylinder Head 6.1 Hemi. All that and he kept the Strange Dana S60! End result: 660 HP at 6900 rpm. You can’t second guess the man. Find the full story, and the build-in-process pictures, at Street Legal TV. More pictures after the jump.


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