Farmer’s Field Find 1968 Dodge Charger

We just found this very clean 1968 Dodge Charger over in dry Eastern Washington. This car was abandoned in a farmer’s field around 1980 and it has sat ever since. It’s pretty complete except for the tail lights which somebody thought would look cool in a VW bug! The first pic is how we found it and the rest are of the car back together at the shop. Luckily most of the parts were stored in a storage shed and were spared sun damage.


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1967 Plymouth GTX on eBay

This 1967 Plymouth GTX 440 as posted on Bring A Trailer is said to be a very solid car with a rebuilt, numbers matching 440, an older repaint and some upgrades to the wheels, driveshaft, final drive gearing and ignition but they had the presence of mind to keep the original parts. Check it out on eBay! Priced at $27,500. Is it a deal? More pics after the jump!


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Reader’s Rides: Daryl Boechler’s 1968 Dodge Super Bee

Now this is a very cool story. Check it out:

So back in 69 my dad bought this car used in saskatchewan. He and the car came to alberta and he drove it all year round until 1977/78 after a couple of (in todays terms) a minor rear end accident. It was written off by the insurance company due to the cost to fix being more than the car was worth (imagine that). My dad sent it to be fixed at some point but the guy doing the work never finished so it came home and driven some more. It got rear ended again this time with less damage but it was parked and stayed inside except for about 3 hours in 1993 when we pushed it out to clean the garage.  Its a  99% complete numbers matching car save for some of the trim pieces at the rear.

I bugged my dad for this car from the time i was 12 years old but he was going to fix it up (uh huh). I finally bought the damn thing off him in 2009 and brought it home into my garage, got it running with new plugs a new battery and a quart of oil down the carb. Got it going on 7 cylinders but she was an oil burner and wasn’t coming back to life without some $$. So at this point the incorrectly painted hemi orange 550 hp big block is now going in. This is the single most expensive engine build Ive ever done at $13000. I could have had the car painted or bought a hemi for that but thats another story.

Plans from here are some aftermarket wheels for the street and another set of original wheels for shows but all original paint color, decalling and no repro parts if possible. Still hunting for a good tail light panel. The original engine, which is not the hemi orange one, will be built to factory externally with some internal mods for strength, durability and future upgrades.

More pics after the jump!


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