Reader’s Rides: Donald Shoemaker’s 1966 Plymouth Satellite

Today’s reader’s ride is a very cool Satellite with an even cooler story! Here’s the word from Donald:

Here is my 1966 Plymouth Satellite, purchased new in 1966 by my father at Boggs Motor Company in Statesville, NC. It is all original except for the seat covers (I have ordered original replacements which should be installed soon). It currently has something over 180,000 miles on it. The 318 engine was rebuilt at around 150,000 miles with no modifications except for being bored .30 over. No one but my mechanic believes it but it has solid lifters, and he didn’t believe it till he took the valve covers off! As far as paint, it was hit in the passenger door in the 70′s by a car which rolled off in a parking lot and my Dad had a cheap paint job put on it as a part of that repair. The trunk cover, headliner, dash, everything is pretty pristine for the age and the am radio still works every time I turn it on. The torqueflite transmission has never been out of it and it has front bucket seats with the shifter in the console. I have the receipt(a little over $2300), certicard, build sheet and owners manual. Dad purchased the car while I was in service and so I never drove it much till I bought it from him for $1000, which he forgave most of. One particular treasure associated with the car is a set of photographs of it when it was brand new, inside, outside, engine compartment. The folks sent them to me when I was overseas. There is obviously great sentimental attachment to “Old Blue” and I lovingly drive it every week!

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Reader’s Rides: Mark Mazzer’s 1965 Plymouth Satellite

Today’s reader’s ride is a sweet pro street ’65 Satellite owned by Mark Mazzer in Pittsfield, Massachusetts. Mark writes:

This is my MOPAR, it’s got a 70 hp 440, performer intake, 750carb, 9.5-1srp pistons, steel crank,906 heads, torqueflite, narrowed 8 3/4 3:55 sure grip with 29×18.5×15 Hoosier pro street radials. Full interior daily driver.

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Vintage Mopar NASCAR Photo of the Week: Cotton Owens 1969 Dodge Charger 500

My name is Tom Hergert and I’m the new guest blogger on Mopar Blog. I run a restoration shop in Olympia, Washington called Rocket Restorations. I am going to be doing a NASCAR shot of the week with some tech articles mixed in. We will be doing some articles based on decoding fender tags, build number, and broadcast sheets for our great cars as well. Very excited to join this awesome community.

For our first vintage photo we have a good one–this is the Cotton Owens’ 1969 Dodge Charger 500 with Buddy Baker behind the wheel. They are fitting the template to the car to make sure it is legal (also see other template on the ground next to the car). Notice the 71 K&K Insurance Charger in the background as well.

Keep in mind the date printed on the photo is when it was developed, not when it was taken. This is from the Yankee 600 on August 17, 1969 at Michigan International Speedway.


Reader’s Rides: Carl Brown’s 1969 Plymouth Sport Satellite

How about another ’69 Satellite? This one is owned by Carl Brown, and he has had it since new!

This is my 1969 Plymouth Sport Satellite. I purchased the car from the original owner, who had ordered the car new in the fall of 1968 from my dad who was a Plymouth Salesman. I have everything but the window sticker, even the order that was written up with the AM/FM radio. The problem there was he deleted it the next day because he didn’t know if that “FM thing” would last. The car has the Kelsey-Hayes front disc brakes and the manual height and adjustable drivers seat. The interior is all original except for the bucket seat cushion inserts which I replaced due to  splitting in the seams. We are three generations of Chrysler car people. This car covers all three. Lots of stories here.



Reader’s Rides: Darrell Dunivan’s 1969 Plymouth Satellite

Darrell Dunivan from Cadet, Missouri owns this cool B-Body. Writes Darrell:

I got the car 3 years ago,it was completely taken apart,no glass no wiring fenders and trunk off, just out of the paint shop. My dad and I put it all back together and got it on the road, been driving it for about 4 months. I also did the seats and carpet myself and it still needs door panels and headliner. 

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Reader’s Rides: Danney Meyer’s 1968 Dodge Chargers

Most people would kill to have just one 1968 Dodge Charger. But what about having two of them? And what if they were wheelstanding drag cars? Writes Danny:

These are our two 68 chargers that are our drag cars. Red one had a 572 cubic inch motor makes about 950 on the motor and has a 300 shot on it. Indy 441 heads, builds a ton of torque! Black one has a 622 cubic ich motor with fastmanefi just put on it, it’s now making about 1300 on the motor! Couple of beautiful full steel body cars that go out and kick some ass in bracket racing on the weekends. Another couple of beautiful mopars!

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