A 1966 Satellite Named Stormy

You’re looking at a 1966 Plymouth Satellite still wearing it’s groovy lace paint job that was laid down in the mid 1970s. I’m digging the far out Cragars man! Just to make it perfect, it’s a factory Hemi car, topped by two Carter 4-bbls and backed up by an A833 4 speed. Get the details at MoparMax. More pictures after the jump!


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Did You Know That Chrysler Has All The Build Records For Pre-1967 Cars?

In addition to the excellent restorations we do here at Rocket Restorations, we also keep our own Mopar registry. When you start to look at the numbers of these cars, by which we mean the VIN number or the fender tag codes or other interesting things, you can find out a lot of information about them you wouldn’t normally see. Patterns start to emerge and you can learn a lot. Need help decoding your Mopar? Send us an e-mail

Did you realize Chrysler still has all the build records for all pre-1967 cars? All you have to do it fill out this form and send it in to Chrysler, just that easy. They will tell you all the options it came with as well as the original selling dealer. Get all the details and forms you need after the jump!


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The Legendary Road Runner

The Plymouth Road Runner is perhaps my favourite Mopar. Plymouth saw a need in the market place for a muscle car with the emphasis on muscle. Keep it simple, keep it light, keep it cheap. It worked. Sure you could equip it with the Hemi and a whole list of options but even the basic post car with the 383, 4 speed, steel wheels and bench seat just looked “right”. Allpar has done a great write-up on the car. Grab a coffee and read about it here!


Violent Valiant

Bangshift, along with Hot Rod Chassis and Cycle in Addison, Illinois, have started a build they have named Project Violent Valiant. The plan is a 1964 Pro-Touring ’64 Valiant sporting a “biggish inch” Chrysler wedge engine with Hilborn fuel injection and backed up by a Tremec stick box. Per Bangshift, “This machine will be a purpose built car with all the flavor of a vintage Trans-Am racer packing the modern technology that’ll make it corner and stop hard enough to make the asphalt beneath its tires scream for mercy.” Sounds evil! Find details here at Bangshift. They promise weekly updates of the build.


Vintage Mopar NASCAR Photo of the Week: James Hylton’s 1965 Dodge Coronet at the 67 Daytona Firecracker 400

This shot of James Hylton’s 1965 Dodge Coronet is from the 1967 Daytona Firecracker 400. James was an independent back in the day and was amazingly successful considering his resources.  He finished second in points that year, losing only to Richard Petty who won 27 races that year.  James didn’t win a single race and still finished second in the points standings. James Hylton is now 79 years old and is still racing!

Also, isn’t it amazing how stock these cars were?  Compare it to what you see now.


My 4-Speed 1969 Dart GTS 340

The story starts in 1968 when a new 1969 Dart GTS, 340/4 speed car with a console tachometer is ordered up. By 1970 it is being raced with the 340/4 speed in it, and was repainted white and green with mags on it. In the early 1970s my grandfather ended up getting it and turning the car into a all out drag car with a mild 318 and 727. By the 2000s the car was retired and was a roller. A couple years back I ended up getting the roller and built a 1971 340 for it that is .30 over, 10.5:1cr, j headed (for now), .480 Cam Dynamics camshaft (for now). Future plans are to install a .590 Solid Roller camshaft along with a pair of ported and polished heads. More pics after the jump!


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1968 Dodge Charger 383 4-Speed on eBay

Speaking of green Chargers… here’s a nice one–just one owner til August of last year. Not quite restored or a “survivor,” but just a very well maintained and loved rust-free Arizona 4-speed car. Other than the sagging leaf springs it doesn’t seem like there is a whole lot you’d have to address on this cool big block B-body. More pics plus eBay ad text after the jump!


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All in the Family 1969 Chargers

These two beautiful Chargers, both sporting F8 Dark Green paint, share garage space in Ohio. The Charger was purchased new by the current owners father in 1969. Both father and son then fell hard for the new Charger Daytona but never did make the plunge. Over the years, the Charger received several upgrades and was restored. Then, in 2001, the son was able to fulfill the dream shared with his now departed father and found a Charger Daytona, also in F8 Dark Green! Read more detail here at Auto Enthusiast. More pictures after the jump!


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Fast and Furious 7 Filming Now in Colorado

Check out this pic of Dodge Charger taken Thursday on top of Monarch Pass in Colorado. Production is underway now for Fast and Furious 7, due in theaters next year. I have another pic of a shot up Subaru after the jump. More details on the Colorado filming at brushnewstribune.com. Pics via Moparts


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