Crazy Pink Blown Pro Street 1968 Plymouth GTX Convertible on eBay

With 800 horsepower you probably are gonna want that rollbar. But the pink? Well, if you are going to go over the top, I guess you might as well go WAY OVER THE TOP. Price is set at $58,995. What do you think? More pics and eBay auction text with the specs on this wild build after the jump!


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Don Garlits and the 426

Many a driver enjoyed racing success with the mighty 426. Don Garlits was one of the first to receive the new motor in 1964. To quote Don, “In my humble opinion, the Chrysler/Dodge 426 Hemi engine, was/is the best production engine ever manufactured by the automotive industry! No engine, to my knowledge, has the ability to produce so much raw power and still stay together. It will stand forever, as a monument to the engineering ability of the Ramchargers and their team.” Read more on Garlits take on the elephant motor at Street Legal TV.


The Other Auctions: RM and Gooding

Yesterday we decided to hit the other Arizona auctions that do not have a lot of Mopar stuff but still have some interesting cars. RM is a very high end auction with mostly European cars, Ferrari’s and older cars. Gooding has a nice mix of stuff as well and is similar to RM but the cars are not as high end. Gooding had an “as found” theme going on with three cars still covered in dust and grime going up for auction.

These cars were from RM and includes a couple of Imperials, a Hemi powered Facel Vega, and a Chrysler 300B. More pics after the jump!


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Day 1 at Barrett-Jackson

Today was the first day of cars going across the block at Barrett Jackson and it was a very fun and exciting day. They have an all new facility this year with over 1,000,000 square feet of space!  It is amazing how big this place it and they are selling over 1,400 cars from Tuesday to Sunday. Here are a couple of cars that stood out to us, we will post many more later this week with more info on what we thought of them.  Here are a few teaser shots, will go more in depth on these later. More pics after the jump!


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1967 Barracuda AFX Replica on eBay

You’re looking at a very true-to-the-original replica of Hurri-Cane II, a car that was campaigned by Bob Cain of Massachusetts back in the day. This isn’t a show circuit car. The owner actually made regular runs in it with battle scars to prove it! And now it’s on eBay! See the article on BangShift for more info. More pics after the jump!


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1966 Dodge Charger “Big Sugar”

After this very nice first generation Charger was involved in an accident in 2007, the owner took the opportunity to stray from stock by installing a Hotchkiss suspension, adding chassis reinforcements and upgrading the brakes. I’m loving the American Racing Torque Flite wheels. See the story of how the car got it’s name at Petrolicious. More pics after the jump!


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