Cuda Trio on eBay

Are you and two friends looking to buy Cuda’s? Good news. You can buy all three from the same seller. Barn Finds located this bevy of restored beauties on eBay; two Hemi Cuda’s and a 440 six barrel, all sporting Shaker hoods. They’re being sold as a package deal but they will split them if the money talks loud enough. Follow the eBay bidding here. More pics after the jump!


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Plymouth Superbird on Craigslist

Being a rare bird, numbers matching Superbirds don’t come up for sale very often. How about what appears to be a survivor popping up on Craigslist? Barn Finds located this one for sale in New York while also providing fair warning (rightly so) to be wary of scams. Find the original Craigslist ad here. More pics after the jump!


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1970 Dodge Charger R/T 440 Six Pack

This numbers matching V-code Charger is expected to command a six figure price when it goes to auction later this month. One of 103 produced with the six barrel carb set-up and A36 Performance Axle package, it received a complete restoration recently while showing only 73,000 miles on the odometer. Find more info at Mecum. More pics after the jump!


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Remember our Town and Country Wagon?

“Don’t do it” I said. “You’ll regret it” I said. “Nobody has ever said ‘I’m glad I sold that beautiful old car”. I was throwing out every appropriate phrase that I could think of to stop our editor from selling his 1972 Chrysler Town and Country, but to no avail. He posted it to Bring A Trailer and, in no time at all, we had an extra 124 square feet in the Mopar Blog garage. Auctions are great way to maximize your return but you have zero control who buys it. Well, long story short, she was sold to somebody who solely wanted the 440. It was pulled, the car was pushed outside where vandals and rodents took over. She then bounced from salvage yard to salvage yard and well, see for yourself after the jump. it’s painful.


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1971 Road Runner on eBay. Dusty and Stock. And Dusty

Barn Finds located this 1971 Plymouth Road Runner on eBay. Said to be stock with some rust in the floor and roof, (that roof looks worrisome) it looks like a good candidate for a restoration. It depends on what the reserve is of course. Follow the bidding here on eBay. More pics after the jump!


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