1968 Plymouth Road Runner on Craigslist

Barn Finds located this 1968 Road Runner on Craigslist. The seller does not provide much detail on this originally 383 powered four speed car other than having a clear title. There appears to be an engine in there (in both the engine compartment and interior). The asking price is $3000. Is it worth it? Find the Craigslist ad here. More pics after the jump!


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Incredible Winged Car Collection

Hot Rod’s Ryan Brutt visited an incredible winged warrior collection in AL. It seems the owner took a serious interest in Daytonas and Superbirds as well as Cyclones and Talladegas during that magical period known as the NASCAR Aero Wars. And we mean serious! Find more info at Hot Rod. More pics after the jump!


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Happy Mopar Canada Day

July 1st is Canada Day, a day when Canadians celebrate the founding of their country in 1867. It is similar in many respects July 4th but earlier (due, of course, to the earlier harvest). The love of Mopars runs strong north of the 49th as well. A perfect example is a great website; Maple Leaf Mopars, the Canadian edition of Cars in Barns. There are a lot of great barn finds, many with follow-up restored pics. This 1970 Challenger is just such an example. Find more info on this particular E body here. Restored pic after the jump.


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1970 Challenger R/T on Craigslist

Barns Finds has spied this snowbound Challenger on Craigslist. It’s not much to look at and the owner appears to have taken no steps to preserve their treasure but that doesn’t stop them from asking $18,000. Perhaps the biggest thing the car has going for it is that it’s a V code 440 Six Pack. No indication on it being numbers matching though. Find the Craigslist ad here. More pics after the jump!


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Roadkill Revives a 1970 Duster

Finnegan and Freiburger drop a 440 into a Duster, transforming it into Freiburger’s dream A body. The 440 started life in a motorhome before powering General Mayhem (which is now getting a Hellcat!). So what can an anemic 1977 motorhome 440 rated at 185 hp at the crank do with Edelbrock heads, a 25 year old recycled cam, and new intake and exhaust? You’ll be surprised. Video after the jump!


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1973 Plymouth Road Runner on Craigslist

Said to be a solid car that was parked back when Reagan was just getting comfortable in his new Pennsylvania Ave digs, Barn Finds found this 1973 Road Runner on Craigslist. It is equipped with a 318 of unknown condition but the sale also includes a 440 and 727. Asking price is $4500. Find the original Craigslist ad here. More pics after the jump!


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A Graveyard of Rare Dodges

Lucas Marquardt takes us on a video tour of a veritable field of dreams in the back lot of an undisclosed location. It consists of a 1969 Coronet R/T 440, a 1968 Hemi Charger, a 1969 Hemi Charger, a 1969 Charger 500, a 1968 318 Charger and two first generation Chargers! Unfortunately, of the 68’s and 69’s, only one has a powertrain; a big block in place of it’s original 426. Find more info at Street Legal TV. Video after the jump!


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