Audioslave “Show Me How To Live” is an Awesome Vanishing Point Tribute

Totally forgot about this great video by Audioslave from 2003, based on everybody’s favorite Mopar movie Vanishing Point. According to the guys at Bangshift, they used two Challengers during the filming of the video and then gave one away to a lucky fan when they were done. Video after the jump!


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Mopar Album Cover: The Cars Heartbeat City

The Cars fifth album was released in 1984 with this cool 1971 Duster 340 on the cover. According to Wikipedia the artwork was from a 1972 piece by Peter Phillips called “Art-O-Matic Loop di Loop.” You can see the full cover folded out after the jump!

What’s your favorite Mopar album cover?


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Hemi Pantera

How do you make a Pantera more awesome? Ditch the Ford powerplant and swap in a 426 Hemi, stroked to 526 cubic inches. There is a LOT more that went into this car, though, and it is all thoroughly documented on the Hemi Pantera website. Owner and builder Göran Malmberg is a famous custom guitar and amp builder–Eric Clapton used one of his guitars back the Cream days and Led Zeppelin has used his cabinets. Cool stuff! More pics after the jump!


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Joe Strummer’s Lost Dodge

Dodge built a 3700 GT for the Euro market in the 70s and apparently Joe Strummer acquired one during a trip to Spain in 1984/5–a trip to get away from The Clash, which was in the process of breaking up. He then lost the Dodge in a parking garage in Madrid, which has now inspired a documentary called “I Need a Dodge.” Sound cool? Filmmaker Nick Hall is looking for funds to complete the film and is asking for donations to complete the film. Trailer after the jump!


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