1993 Dodge Ram Pickup with 70 Miles on eBay

Bangshift found this mint Dodge pickup on eBay that’s reported to have only 70 miles on it. Such crazy low mileage vehicles are generally priced very optimistically but the owner of this truck is asking….ready for it…$33,000! He does have a defense for the apparent high price though. “Auto manufactures must make new vehicles each year to keep higher prices. The have to keep depreciating older vehicles. For this reason the gap widens each years. The “Blue Book” was invented by auto manufactures as a convenience for them to create this “FARCE”. How did we miss that?Need another reason? “Try special ordering a 2015 model with wing windows, – NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!”.  Where’s my check book? Follow the eBay auction here. More pics after the jump.


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2015 Ram 1500 Best Full-Size Truck for the Money

Or anyway, that’s according to U.S. News & World Report.

“In addition to being a fully capable full-size pickup truck, reviewers say the 1500 has the smoothest ride in the class and first-class cabin materials that make it feel like a luxury car,” said Jamie Page Deaton, Managing Editor – U.S. News Best Cars. “The Ram 1500 also has an available diesel engine with plenty of grunt for towing, as well as great fuel economy.”

Sounds about right to us.


Two Newfoundland Mopars Need Saving

This Road Runner and Lil’ Red Express are sitting behind a Chrysler dealership in Newfoundland, Canada. Surely, somebody at the dealership realizes that they need to be saved. The spooky part? I’m from Newfoundland and the plate on the Road Runner has the same three letters and is less than 400 numbers removed from a car that I registered there in 1984! I gotta get home for a visit, real soon! Find more info at Cars in Barns. More pics after the jump!


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