The Viper is Dead. Long Live the Viper?

It’s official. FCA has announced that the Viper will end production after the 2017 model year, closing the door on a 25 year run. It’s been a great quarter century but all good things must come to an end. To celebrate, Dodge will be producing five special edition 2017 Vipers that will actually be available later this month. Find more info on these fab five at Auto Guide. All done? Not necessarily. With Chrysler’s penchant for reusing model names, you may not have to wait 30 years to buy a Viper again. Sergio Marchionne has stated that the Viper may return, albeit, based on a shared platform and not powered by a V10. Read more on a possible Viper 2.0 here. Is that a mistake?



Stolen Viper Alert

Friday, June 5th, Henderson NV. Anthony Carroll had his 2002 Viper GTS stolen during a planned sales transaction. The car is red with white stripes, chrome factory wheels with a piece missing from the front bumper and a California plate. It may possibly be in the Las Vegas or Los Angeles area. This is not a low key car. If you spot it or see an ad, please immediately notify your local authorities. Find more info at Street Legal TV.