Chrysler Sebring Bentley Conversion on Craigslist

I’ve seen a few of theseĀ Chrysler Sebring Bentley conversions over the last few years, but this is probably the most extreme one I’ve seen so far, with the 28 inch wheels and Lambo doors. I can’t tell if it’s “finished” or if they were going for the matte look. It can be yours for $15,000. More pics plus the original Craigslist ad text after the jump! Via Jalopnik


Chrysler-Bentley-2 Chrysler-Bentley-3 Chrysler-Bentley-4 Chrysler-Bentley-5 Chrysler-Bentley-6

Customized Bentley style Chrysler convertible. Custom kit 28 inch Giovanni Rims lexani tires burberry/swade interior primer exterior 50 inch flat screen on trunk projector under the hood I pad connection 2 12 subs amp Lambo doors lights in each Rims different colors airbags really too much to list please call for more info

3 thoughts on “Chrysler Sebring Bentley Conversion on Craigslist

  1. This is my car and yes its still for sale I got alot of hateful responses online funny because in person all I get are wows and woes. Interest in car please call 714 244 0205 and no it really wasn’t suppose to make people think its a real Bentley just put together a car I thought would look cool and get attention didn’t want to sale but crashed my daily drive so i’m forced to sale or trade 15k obo

  2. And to the guy who took the time out his life to post this thanks car is still for sale 714 244 0205 call for more info

    • hey, really impressed with the work, i assumed car is sold by now?? also what lights did you use for headlights?

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