Crazy Aussie Mopar Stash Uncovered

This just popped up on YouTube. The guy who shot the video stumbled across a pretty wild Mopar stash which was in the process of being moved to avoid some sort of Aussie government land repossession. After first spotting a Challenger on a trailer out on the street, he managed to talk his way into a tin shed containing several Chargers plus a few wing cars up under the eves. Apparently some were used in movies? Check out the cool collection after the jump!


One thought on “Crazy Aussie Mopar Stash Uncovered

  1. yeah i have found several muscle cars over the years . when i was 10 im 36 now i use to play in a 69 Z/28 AND A SS 396 CHEVELLE A 66 MODEL. i have found several mopar to i like them the best!!! when i was 17 i had a 69 satellite looked like a road runner..i still know where several are in western ky!!!

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