Green With Envy Dodge Challenger SRT8 392 Wrecked

Don’t have a lot of info ont this one, other than that it happened in¬†Northeast Ohio. The Green With Envy 6 speed SRT8 392 was almost brand new before it took out that guardrail. Came from Frederick Motors and still had temp tags.¬†Lots more pics after the jump. Via Moparts


green-with-envy-Dodge-Challenger-SRT8-392-wreck-2 green-with-envy-Dodge-Challenger-SRT8-392-wreck-3 green-with-envy-Dodge-Challenger-SRT8-392-wreck-5 green-with-envy-Dodge-Challenger-SRT8-392-wreck-6 green-with-envy-Dodge-Challenger-SRT8-392-wreck-7 green-with-envy-Dodge-Challenger-SRT8-392-wreck-8 green-with-envy-Dodge-Challenger-SRT8-392-wreck-9


7 thoughts on “Green With Envy Dodge Challenger SRT8 392 Wrecked

  1. Hope the poor driver is okay. They must feel sick about the accident, I know I would. Not to be an opportunist, but once the insurance settles the claim (the car is obviously totaled), please let the owner know I’d be interested in buying some of the parts for my GWE Challenger. I need a trunk lid, Hurst shifter steering wheel and sun visors. Please PM me.

  2. I hope that you enjoyed your McDonald’s soft drink you friggin’ MORON! For the love of God, seriously? a soda in your brand new new car? You shouldn’t even be allowed to ride a skateboard on public roads. Do the world a favor and take a long walk on a short pier over shark invested waters.

  3. Some of us think these cars are made to be driven not put up and kept in perfect shape. Sometimes that much power can get away from you. You may not know that if you never put your foot into it.

  4. Why are people so quick to insult? Feel some sympathy shesh. No regrets in whatever you do in life. Its like getting dumped by a pretty girl…..least you had that pretty girl.

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