HPP Challenger Superbird Conversions at the 2013 Mopars Unlimited Spring Roundup

These HPP Challenger Superbird conversions were getting a ton of attention at the show. Not cheap! The kit alone is $18,000. What do you think? More pics plus video after the jump!










7 thoughts on “HPP Challenger Superbird Conversions at the 2013 Mopars Unlimited Spring Roundup

  1. If you’ve got the money, why not? It’s a cool tribute. Looks to be well engineered. Did they do any kind of wind tunnel testing?

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  3. Hey guys! I’m Chris from H-PAC (Huffman Performance Accessories), we represent HPP here on the west coast and brought these two conversions out. If you are interested in obtaining a Superbird or Daytona conversion for your new challenger give us a call. Jeff @ (206) 396-5159, Bob @ (206) 371-5324 or myself @ (425) 877-7876.

  4. So why not use a compound engine setup ? Twin turbo & a supercharger , because the supercharger is only good to say 4,200 rpms ,but it will spool up the turbo’s faster & the turbo will keep digging for power till you take your foot off the pedal. Plus if you have $30,000 for the car & $18,000 for the kit what’s a few more to have top bird of the street ? You could even do a engine setup like BRADLEY GRAY’S 1969 RED CAMARO .

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