In the Mopar Blog Garage: 1972 Chrysler Town & Country Wagon

These pics are from the day we first picked up the car last month. I was hoping to get a better photo shoot in before the end of the year, but it looks like it’s not gonna happen. So here it is, all 18.7 feet of C-barge goodness.

This is an all-original one owner car with just 90,000 miles on the odometer. This is the 9-passenger model with a rear-facing third row bench seat, and is fairly loaded, with 440 power. One resource tells me that there were 14,116 Town & Country wagons produced in 1972, though not many are left. When is the last time you saw one on the road or at a show?

How cool is this? Well, John Lennon owned one. Check out the 1972 Chrysler station wagon dealership data book and Hemmings has a very good overview on the model. Stay tuned, though, we will have more on this big C monster in the New Year! More pics after the jump!


1972-Chrysler-Town-and-Country-1 1972-Chrysler-Town-and-Country-2 1972-Chrysler-Town-and-Country-3 1972-Chrysler-Town-and-Country-4 1972-Chrysler-Town-and-Country-5 1972-Chrysler-Town-and-Country-6 1972-Chrysler-Town-and-Country-7 1972-Chrysler-Town-and-Country-8 1972-Chrysler-Town-and-Country-9 1972-Chrysler-Town-and-Country-10 1972-Chrysler-Town-and-Country-11 1972-Chrysler-Town-and-Country-12

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  1. That is one sweet ride. Back in the day the price on a new one was $5,193. I am guessing that it has only gone up in value.

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