3 thoughts on “Low and Slow Monaco

  1. I think the motor is shot !!

    I had a 73 Monaco with a 360 and it went pretty good low 15 second 1/4 mile..It wasn’t slow…not fast but quick enough..mine did 15.2 in the 1/4..(I saved my old times from all my vehicles I raced and put them on file with backup lol)

    73 Monaco 2door hardtop 360 4bbl ,3.23 gears and duel exhaust..The car looked good,people loved it..It was a gold car with black interior,I had the buckets and buddy seat,I repainted the car black,trunk,door jambs,under the hood ect..Had rallye wheels from the factory,I added duel exhaust and dynomax muffers ! Drove it for 1 year or so,and got good money for it in the mid 1990’s..I am a 440 guy so I bought a 68 Chrysler 300 440 TNT and those are as good as any b -body for performance..i also own a 68 Charger RT 440 and more…and just bought a RT Scat Pack Challenger.

    He has a dead 360 or a 318 with a smog carb…those cars were not dogs..must be running the smog carbs..

    Most of those cars from the 60’s 70’s engines are shot because when you say a 360 doesn’t move and is slow…then your car is shot…

  2. mine flew really quick with the 400 ci engine in it.first year of the 400.beat comaros easily and others.

  3. I have a 1969 Newport Custom That is a resto-mod. Police suspension gear-vendors unit,383 0.30 engine, tranny rear-end, 2-1/2inch stainless steel Dynomax exhaust, floor-shifter, buckets the works. People anywhere, anytime stop me and ask questions and everybody`s uncle,mother ,father sister,brother had one.These big American cars ride, drive and have a cool factor that no other cars have. Imagination and a well thought out theme these car always draw attention.The black and white combo work with the wheel and tire setup.Every year I go to Carlisle Mopar from Long Island N.Y. and on open the road it cruises at 90 Mph. I have had it up to 130 Mph.And on top of everything else it is my daily driver.

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