Magic Powder Challenger

I first saw this car on Speedhunters, then I found a bunch more pics on Facebook. This 1970 Dodge Challenger is located in Yokohama, Japan. 318 power, funky gold paint, sidepipes, slots, vinyl top, a luggage rack and Farrah Fawcett on the hood. What else could you want? TONS more pics after the jump!


Magic-Powder-Dodge-Challenger-2 Magic-Powder-Dodge-Challenger-3 Magic-Powder-Dodge-Challenger-4 Magic-Powder-Dodge-Challenger-5 Magic-Powder-Dodge-Challenger-6 Magic-Powder-Dodge-Challenger-7 Magic-Powder-Dodge-Challenger-8 Magic-Powder-Dodge-Challenger-9 Magic-Powder-Dodge-Challenger-10 Magic-Powder-Dodge-Challenger-11 Magic-Powder-Dodge-Challenger-12 Magic-Powder-Dodge-Challenger-13 Magic-Powder-Dodge-Challenger-14 Magic-Powder-Dodge-Challenger-15 Magic-Powder-Dodge-Challenger-16 Magic-Powder-Dodge-Challenger-17 Magic-Powder-Dodge-Challenger-18 Magic-Powder-Dodge-Challenger-19 Magic-Powder-Dodge-Challenger-20 Magic-Powder-Dodge-Challenger-21 Magic-Powder-Dodge-Challenger-22

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