2 thoughts on “Murdered Out Dart

  1. They did this in the 1980’s…..

    Blacked out chrome,painted every chrome piece black….I guess what a old dumb trend is new again…

    Sure right now people might think its new,hip,modern as they thought in the 1980’s painting chrome black but in a few years it will look dumb…

    Then luckily in the 90’s they started to restore them stock,as they look the best then prices went up and steady…

    Like modern pro touring Mopars they pay a fortune for them,but then 5 years from now are going to be viewed as parts cars,we will have to redo the interiors to stock,suspension parts to stock as we did in the 80’s and early 90’s..

    Like Choppers big wide tires they paid $100,000 now they are worth $5000 !!

    I already redid a Cuda that was pro touring ,18 and 20″ wheels,rack steering, custom dash,door panels ,huge hideous aftermarket seats cars build cost was $120,000 in 2006 !! totally looks cheap compared to the stock Cuda they also removed the original 440 S.C (super commando) they put in a 5.7 Hemi (less performance than a 440)

    We made it stock again,15″ Rallye wheels,wheel lip chrome trim,stock interior,stock power steering,front disk,rear drums,stock exhaust tips,440 Super Commando rebuilt with head/small cam 530 hp/600 tourque no no,no aluminum heads…car looks stock and will run 11’s with drag radials 3500 lb car ! we got low 12’s with the stock 440’s with drag radials low – mid 13’s with stock 15″ street tires,my dad did in my moms 70 440 Cuda ran low 13’s with bias ply’s in 1971,bone stock..I learned to drive in that car…I blew the bottom end and lost compression in 2 cyl down to 75 and 80 psi it ran 15 flat…had no traction issue just went,smocked on start up and had a tick like an exhaust leak,my point people say its only a exhaust leak LOL the motor is shot !!! You are down on power bought 87 Mopar’s since 1992 like that….and I am younger,my Dad bought a few hundred like that..We didn’t restore them all,some fixed motor,some small paint but all were better when sold.. slight fix n sell..and some major resto like the 5.7 hemi fuel injected Cuda..440 Cuda it is again !

  2. Mike, I believe I rebmmeer your T/A. Although they were rated at 290 HP, we all know that was a real modest rating. Don’t you wish we could go back a few years I would love to have my 70 GTO back. Currently I have a 2012 Challenger on order. Once the car arrives, I plan on adding the T/A hood, stripes and spoiler decal.

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