Muscle Car of the Week – 1970 Hemi Challenger Convertible

A 1970 Dodge Challenger convertible with the 426, this week’s Muscle Car of the Week. Hard to believe that they only produced 12 Hemi convertible Challengers for 1970. Green or not, we’ll take it! Video after the jump!


One thought on “Muscle Car of the Week – 1970 Hemi Challenger Convertible

  1. Nice car,and rare as rare gets…Thing is people drove a 440 and it had a load of power and you got a warranty,wiith the 426 HEMI you got NO Warranty,thus lower sales…

    I know bone stock 426 HEMI cars run in the 11’s…well decent slicks and headers,thats what they ran back then..440’s 12-13 flat depending on car..


    Hey..I like Green..have a racing Green 68 Charger RT,F-8 69 Charger now with RT trim and 440 magnum/727/3.23 and it beats my 2015 Challenger RT ScatPack 392 HEMI/8spd and its Black ! If they would have F-8 green,would have bought it…also own a few c-body mopars that are 6.1 HEMI fast and faster ! And a 318 2bbl 1973 Plymouth Cuda,bone stock and its quick,has a new 390 cfm 2 bbl and it beats 3.6 new Charger’s..My 70 Challenger 383 Magnum got 25 mpg on the highway and averaged 18 mpg,when you drive normally not flooring it and burning rubber and doing 5 second 0-60 sprints at every light..with tires smoking !

    Wow,got a little off topic,but MOPAR RULES..

    Cars were more expensive back then as you could only finance for 3 years,not 7,8,9 years like today,this is why they ask more money for a car but the payment is lower…..I am lucky enough to put enough down I should pay it off in 1.5 to 2 years like I did my 2010 Challenger SRT-8 !

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