New Challenger Hellcat Goes to Auction

When asked what a car is worth, a common response is “It’s worth whatever somebody is willing to pay for it”. When the Hellcat was first released to the motoring world, people were shocked, twice; once for Dodge producing a 707 hp car and again when the starting price of $60,990 was announced. With supply limited, speculators moved in, buying Hellcats to flip for an easy profit. Resale prices hitting six figures were not unheard of. Now that a year has passed and the hype has settled a bit, just what is a 2015 Challenger Hellcat worth?  Still more than the sticker? Mercum recently auctioned this  2015 B5 blue, 6 speed Challenger Hellcat with only 13 miles on the odometer. The winning bid was $73,000.