Pawn Stars 1969 Hemi Road Runner on eBay

Remember that beautiful 1969 Hemi Road Runner clone that Cory from Pawn Stars pretended to buy but then Rick pretended to buy it from him? Or something like that. It’s on eBay with a Buy it Now price of $58,900. More pics after the jump!


1969-Plymouth-Hemi-Road-Runner-3qtr-rear 1969-Plymouth-Hemi-Road-Runner-side 1969-Plymouth-Hemi-Road-Runner-rear1969-Plymouth-Hemi-Road-Runner-engine 1969-Plymouth-Hemi-Road-Runner-seats1969-Plymouth-Hemi-Road-Runner-fuel-tank1969-Plymouth-Hemi-Road-Runner-undercarriage-front 1969-Plymouth-Hemi-Road-Runner-trunk1969-Plymouth-Hemi-Road-Runner-Rick-Harrison

One thought on “Pawn Stars 1969 Hemi Road Runner on eBay

  1. Corey doesn’t know a damn thing about cars,,there’s no such thing as a 1969 471 Hemi original motor,Hemis were 426

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