Plymouth Sport Fury GT: Muscle Car?

Produced for only two model years (1970 and 1971), The Plymouth Sport Fury GT was Plymouth’s attempt at a full size muscle car. The 440 4 bbl was the popular choice but a 6 bbl was an option, too. I love the sinister styling. What say you? Could a C-body be considered a muscle car? Hooniverse is asking. More pics after the jump!




7 thoughts on “Plymouth Sport Fury GT: Muscle Car?

  1. Loved the looks. Back then a tad too young, and def not rich enough . Today they are super rare .Would love the top one ( hell, any of them!)

  2. With all that muscle under the hood, how could they not be. My friend had one when i was growing up and it only had a 318 and it was still a car that would get up and go. Nice cars for sure.

  3. YES !!

    Weight is from 3700 lbs-4200 lbs (like a new Challenger)

    NO Traction made these like all old cars look slower than actually are.

    I own/owned many over the years ! 440 TNT,440,383hp,383 4bbl,383 2bbl and these cars MOVE !!!

    Remember old times of these cars were done with tires spinning and loss of traction,so it slows the recorded times down.

    They burn rubber without holding the brake..

    383 2bbl with 2.76 gears run high 14’s to low 15’s when new and running properly !

    440 TNT run high 12’s to low 13’s..440 4bbl non hi po run solid 13’s..

    383 hp are mid-high 13’s

    383 4bbl non hi po high 13-low 14’s

    383 2bbl high 14’s 15’s.

    318 2bbl (depending on carb some are econo small carbs that kill power) are mid-high 15’s – low 16’s
    Never raced a Poly 318,friend had one but it was running low compression.

    I raced them all at sea level (friend owned a track)

    Remember do a compression check,no lead ruined these engines as they needed lead,they run fine when engine is on 6-7 cyl and even are still quick.

    Yes,my 68 300 2dr ht 440 tnt 3.23 gears is quicker than my 2010 300 SRT-8 ! Once you get those old cars to hook they move !

    Had a 2 door 68 New Yorker with a non hipo 440,single exhaust,it would be a bit quicker than my friends 68 SuperBee with a 383 Magnum ! That ran 13.40’s all day long,passing power 1/2 a car ahead ect..

    Ensure your first gear shifts at 50 mph.then goes into second,(then your 60 plus mph after it shifts and tnt will chirp if the motor is 100% correct)had 1 1968 Charger 383 Magnum that shifted from first at 35 mph at full throttle,that isn’t right,went under the hood adjusted it and woke it up in 20 second a turn of a screw..

  4. This would be wicked with a Hellcat Hemi or a Viper V10 motor and some upgrades to make it handle like a modern car. Love the look and I say yea it’s a big bad Muscle car.

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