Remember our Town and Country Wagon?

“Don’t do it” I said. “You’ll regret it” I said. “Nobody has ever said ‘I’m glad I sold that beautiful old car”. I was throwing out every appropriate phrase that I could think of to stop our editor from selling his 1972 Chrysler Town and Country, but to no avail. He posted it to Bring A Trailer and, in no time at all, we had an extra 124 square feet in the Mopar Blog garage. Auctions are great way to maximize your return but you have zero control who buys it. Well, long story short, she was sold to somebody who solely wanted the 440. It was pulled, the car was pushed outside where vandals and rodents took over. She then bounced from salvage yard to salvage yard and well, see for yourself after the jump. it’s painful.




One thought on “Remember our Town and Country Wagon?

  1. Hello,
    Its a late night and I just thought about my dad’s old 1972 Town & Country, so I typed that name into Google and came across your site. Had I known about you and that you were selling a Town & Country, I would have peaked my attention.
    You see its been long since we’ve had that car. It seem to have the same fate – it broke down, so we stored it in a lot. Unfortunately, vandals broke in, and then it looked like your 2nd pic. That was back in the mid 80’s

    Now my dad has mild Alzheimer’s disease. He doesn’t remember recent things, but remembers the past and thinks he still has that Chrysler. If I had the chance, I would buy that car just for him, just to have his memory stirred. Or maybe if you know of a Chrysler show coming to the north New Jersey area or NYC area this summer, I would love to be able so show my dad a 1972 Chrysler Town & Country. He had the same color like in your photo – white with fake wood sides.
    Thanks at least for reading my story, Mike

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