Roadkill Revives a 1970 Duster

Finnegan and Freiburger drop a 440 into a Duster, transforming it into Freiburger’s dream A body. The 440 started life in a motorhome before powering General Mayhem (which is now getting a Hellcat!). So what can an anemic 1977 motorhome 440 rated at 185 hp at the crank do with Edelbrock heads, a 25 year old recycled cam, and new intake and exhaust? You’ll be surprised. Video after the jump!


One thought on “Roadkill Revives a 1970 Duster

  1. Not bad for 8.0 compression….bump it up to 10:1 and low 11’s all day long…

    440’s are good no matter what year…66-71 are the best just for a drop in and no work..but since the late 80’s they need a rebuild as they have 250,000 miles on them ..and the no lead gas ruined the older high compression 440’s..

    Funny I had people tell me 440’s and 383’s are only 15 second cars,yet when I looked at the motor their compression was way down on a few cyl…So most people drove 440’s and 383’s that were running on6 cyl and they still ran 15’s !!

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