Stolen 1971 Plymouth ‘Cuda Convertible Recovered Thanks to Forum

A white 383 automatic ’71 ‘Cuda vert (similar to the one below, but no billboards) was stolen out of a garage in New Jersey back in March. The theives literally dragged the E-body out of the garage in park and put on a flatbed. Then in mid-April the owner posted a description along with the car’s VIN on Moparts. Within a few days another Moparts member posted the following:

3 weeks ago, a gentleman came by my house through a friend to pick an antique desk, I was giving away. He noticed all my Mopars in my garage, then proceeded to tell me his brother has a 71 Cuda convertible, 383, all numbers matching, white, with 8 track, wearing in his words ” non Hemi fenders; no gills” !! Coincidence?? He said he has had the car over 20 yrs, bought it from estate sale. I’ve been a known mopar guy in my parts for 30 yrs; I know of most , if not all Mopars on the Island. I was surprised, after speaking to this guy , I never heard of this one. I will try to get you the info.

And guess what? It turned out the be the car after all! The thieves had sold the car without a title for $3,000. The owner got his car back thanks to the sleuths at Moparts.

1971 Plymouth 'Cuda Convertible