A-990 Super Stock Hemi Cars at Detroit Autorama

A highlight of Detroit Autorama were the A-990 Super Stock Hemi cars in attendance, like this amazing 1965 Dodge Coronet. Click through to see more pics of the Coronet, and the meticulously restored 1965 Plymouth Belvedere that made its first appearance at the show (you can read more about the Belvedere here). Pics via Moparts


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1965 Dodge Dart Charger 273 in Hemmings

Dart and Charger referring to the same car? Yes sir. In 1965 you could order a Dodge Dart Charger. It was equipped with the 4 bbl Commando 273, various mechanical and trim upgrades and special “Charger” badging. It was the model that first introduced the Charger name. See this very nice example for sale at Hemmings. More pics after the jump!


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Breaking Down a 65 Dodge Coronet: Is This Car Special?

We at Rocket Restorations keep our own Mopar registry. Galen isn’t the only one who keeps track of these cars. When you start to look at the numbers of these cars, whether it is the VIN number or the fender tag codes or other interesting things, you can find out a lot of information about them you wouldn’t normally see. Patterns start to emerge and you can learn a lot. This week we are going to break down a 1965 Dodge Coronet that just came through our shop. Continue reading after the jump!


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1965 Dodge Coronet Wagon Sleeper on Craigslist

If a cream colored 1965 Dodge Coronet station wagon pulls up next to you at a light and the engine revs in that tell-tale way indicating that the driver would like to “compare” powertrains, don’t be so quick to take him up on his offer. It might be this guy! Sporting a 600hp 470 stroker wedge with a Cope racing transmission, the car has run a 10.98 at 121mph! Not too bad for a car with a roof rack. See it here at Bring A Trailer. More pics after the jump!


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1965 Plymouth Sport Fury Indy Pace Car For Sale on Hemmings

1965 was the first (and last) year that a Plymouth was selected as the Indianapolis 500 pace car. The chosen model was the Sport Fury convertible. There were 35 actual pace cars built for the race. Plymouth also produced one replica for each dealership in the country. That number varies between 1,300 and 1,900, depending on who you believe. See a very nice replica for sale on Hemmings. More pics after the jump!


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Vintage Mopar NASCAR Photo of the Week: James Hylton’s 1965 Dodge Coronet at the 67 Daytona Firecracker 400

This shot of James Hylton’s 1965 Dodge Coronet is from the 1967 Daytona Firecracker 400. James was an independent back in the day and was amazingly successful considering his resources.  He finished second in points that year, losing only to Richard Petty who won 27 races that year.  James didn’t win a single race and still finished second in the points standings. James Hylton is now 79 years old and is still racing!

Also, isn’t it amazing how stock these cars were?  Compare it to what you see now.


Reader’s Rides: Mark Mazzer’s 1965 Plymouth Satellite

Today’s reader’s ride is a sweet pro street ’65 Satellite owned by Mark Mazzer in Pittsfield, Massachusetts. Mark writes:

This is my MOPAR, it’s got a 70 hp 440, performer intake, 750carb, 9.5-1srp pistons, steel crank,906 heads, torqueflite, narrowed 8 3/4 3:55 sure grip with 29×18.5×15 Hoosier pro street radials. Full interior daily driver.

More pics after the jump!

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