Playboy Playmate Pink Barracuda on eBay

For sale is a 1966 Plymouth Barracuda in Playmate Pink, similar to the one that was presented to 1967 Playmate Lisa Baker The car lays claim to being the only Plymouth offered as a Playmate car. Seller is providing Galen Govier documentation to the car’s fender tag decoding but the engine is not original. Find it here on eBay. More pics after the jump!


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1966 Chrysler Newport in the Charles Kee Collection

Miss our last post on the Kee collection?  James G. Murphy will hold the estate sale of Charles Kee on May 8 and 9 in Brothers, Oregon. Charles has a huge collection of Mopar cars and parts and we got the opportunity to go out and look at some of the stuff.  Read more about the 1966 Chrysler Newport in this collection after the jump! (We want to apologize that some of the pictures in this post are not very good–it was 35 degrees and raining with a 30 MPH wind when we took these, our camera got some water on it a few times).


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1966 Hemi Charger on eBay “Ran When Destroyed”

When buying a numbers matching, Hemi powered anything, one has to be prepared to spend some serious coin. If said car has been burned in a fire then flattened by the resulting collapsing building, that is generally reflected in the asking price. This toasted Charger is currently over $13,000 but has yet to hit the reserve price. See the story at Bang Shift and check out the eBay auction. Is it worth it? More pics after the jump!

Editor’s note: this is the second badly scorched Hemi Charger to be listed for sale recently. Remember this burned 1968 Hemi Charger we posted last year?


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1966 Dodge Charger “Big Sugar”

After this very nice first generation Charger was involved in an accident in 2007, the owner took the opportunity to stray from stock by installing a Hotchkiss suspension, adding chassis reinforcements and upgrading the brakes. I’m loving the American Racing Torque Flite wheels. See the story of how the car got it’s name at Petrolicious. More pics after the jump!


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A 1966 Satellite Named Stormy

You’re looking at a 1966 Plymouth Satellite still wearing it’s groovy lace paint job that was laid down in the mid 1970s. I’m digging the far out Cragars man! Just to make it perfect, it’s a factory Hemi car, topped by two Carter 4-bbls and backed up by an A833 4 speed. Get the details at MoparMax. More pictures after the jump!


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Reader’s Rides: Donald Shoemaker’s 1966 Plymouth Satellite

Today’s reader’s ride is a very cool Satellite with an even cooler story! Here’s the word from Donald:

Here is my 1966 Plymouth Satellite, purchased new in 1966 by my father at Boggs Motor Company in Statesville, NC. It is all original except for the seat covers (I have ordered original replacements which should be installed soon). It currently has something over 180,000 miles on it. The 318 engine was rebuilt at around 150,000 miles with no modifications except for being bored .30 over. No one but my mechanic believes it but it has solid lifters, and he didn’t believe it till he took the valve covers off! As far as paint, it was hit in the passenger door in the 70’s by a car which rolled off in a parking lot and my Dad had a cheap paint job put on it as a part of that repair. The trunk cover, headliner, dash, everything is pretty pristine for the age and the am radio still works every time I turn it on. The torqueflite transmission has never been out of it and it has front bucket seats with the shifter in the console. I have the receipt(a little over $2300), certicard, build sheet and owners manual. Dad purchased the car while I was in service and so I never drove it much till I bought it from him for $1000, which he forgave most of. One particular treasure associated with the car is a set of photographs of it when it was brand new, inside, outside, engine compartment. The folks sent them to me when I was overseas. There is obviously great sentimental attachment to “Old Blue” and I lovingly drive it every week!

More pics after the jump!


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