1972-74 Dodge Challenger

A victim of rising insurance rates and a looming oil crisis, the 72-74 E bodies were admittedly a step back from the 70-71 model years in terms of outright performance but they don’t deserve the almost Rodney Dangerfield-ish lack of respect that some burden them with. Find a recap of the “big block-less” Challengers at Curbside Classic.


Blues Brothers Mall Chase Scene Done in Lego

“It’s got a plastic cop motor, a 440 cubic inch plastic plant, it’s got plastic cop tires, plastic cop suspension, plastic cop shocks. It’s a model made before plastic catalytic converters so it’ll run good on regular plastic gas. What do you say, is it the new Lego Bluesmobile or what?” It’s the entire mall chase scene from The Blues Brothers but done in Lego! I still hate to see any C-bodies wrecked though, even plastic ones. As seen at BangShift. Videos after the jump!


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Reader’s Rides: Dave Burden’s 1974 Dodge Challenger

Check out this cool E-body from Alberta, Canada. Here’s the word from Dave:

My name is Dave Burden and this is my 1974 Dodge Challenger custom. Her nickname is “The Wasp ” as you never know when she will bite you…lol. I found her in 1998 and have changed almost everything on her. She still has the stock 318 in her,only thing changed on the motor was adding a carter 4 barrel and dual 2 1/2″ exhaust. She has a 904 Slapstick auto with a stage 2 shift kit added and 3:73 suregrip pushing her. Custom paint…custom monster stereo system…totally custom interior.

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Forgotten Movie Mopar: 1974 Dodge Charger from “Wheels of Terror”

We all remember “Christine.” We all remember “Duel.” But what about “Wheels of Terror”? Starring Joanna Cassidy and a sadistic ’74 Dodge Charger, this movie takes us on a wild ride through the Arizona desert as a madman in his brutal car terrorizes a small town and its inhabitants. While this little 1990 made-for-TV movie isn’t the best I’ve ever seen, it’s certainly worth checking out for the nasty looking custom Charger that really becomes a character in it’s own right. More pictures plus the FULL MOVIE after the jump!


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Reader’s Rides: Kegan Banister’s 1974 Plymouth Scamp

Today’s reader’s ride is a teenager’s first car, owned by Kegan Banister from Indiana. Writes Kegan:

My first car at 15 is a 1974 Plymouth Scamp 318/904 car, purchased from the original owners family. It came with some dealer paperwork, had a near mint Broadcast sheet in the back seat. Originally KY4 Golden Fawn/Gold. I’m building it as a 70s/80s sorta street machine (8track and all). Currently building a ’68 340/727 for it. I’ve not really had to do all that much to the car since I purchased it. All bodywork has been finished on it, re-chromed bumpers put on. The picture of it in three colors is right after I had bought it.

Definitely a great introduction to the hobby! More pics after the jump!


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Movie Mopar of the Week: 1974 Dodge Monaco from The Blues Brothers

The Challenger from Vanishing Point might be the most famous movie Mopar to Mopar folks, but The Blues Brother’s 1974 Dodge Monaco might just be the most famous movie Mopar ever. And it definitely made the 440 famous! “It’s got a cop motor, a 440-cubic-inch plant. It’s got cop tires, cop suspension, cop shocks. It’s a model made before catalytic converters so it’ll run good on regular gas.” They used a total of 13 cars during the shoot, which has some of the best chase scenes ever. Like the famous mall chase scene after the jump!


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